There is hope for Europe

When terror is on the rise and fear seems to be the silent observer of every lunchtime conversation
Where signs at work become interchangeable, the only constant is the hashtag and it seems we only get started to collect them #prayformunich #prayfornice #prayforparis #prayfortheworld – worse whats next?

When people start to ask the big question: why and the media has not the answer.
It gets too easy to advice the audience well you gotta use numbers and statistics and calculate the probability and the odds that it will hit you gives you the taste of a cheap life insurance quote. You could make use of it for your social network and you probably will but that’s only how good rationalism gets.

What I see through my lenses despite the shattering news I read these days is that the more the hour gets darker one light gets more brighter.
HOPE! Unlimited hope.

Jesus- HOPE for humanity!I t’s not a hope that is blind, weak or the last alternative.

It’s eternal. He is the way, the truth and giver of life. He is the prince of peace. Guardian of your heart and mind. Unshakable not limited by time and circumstances. A hope that fights with unconditional love and forgiveness. Triumphs over every hatred and sickness. Powerful to reconcile and build bridges that reaches every tongue and nation. The brightest light takes place when all colors of the spectrum come together. When white, black, yellow and brown come together around Him – JESUS – the hope of the world.

There is an answer for Europe and for the world. Found in his name – unfailing hope for our generation and the ones to come.